I am a highly skilled analyst of human systems. I work with individuals, couples, families, businesses and organizations. I work with people to develop their connection to Spirit in real-world terms, which is personal and healing power. I help people develop their conscious energy, showing visible and permanent changes in their lives. My strength is in uncovering the root of imbalances in their energy systems so that both the symptoms and the underlying cause are addressed at the level of creation. This work results in deeper, more stable health, well-being, personal power, and a richer quality of life. I can help you develop the power to heal yourself.

Since I was a small child, I have been fascinated with medicine and healing and planned to be a medical doctor. Shortly after I applied to medical school, I sustained devastating injuries resulting from an auto accident. I was told I would never walk again. In addition to structural injuries, my face was disfigured and my biochemistry was severely compromised, not to mention severe depression and hopelessness. More than 23 surgeries with excellent surgeons and being wheelchair bound for more than a year were not enough for me to walk again. With deep respect and reverence for the power of what Western medicine can do, I was passionate to find a route to full healing. I combined the best of both allopathic and holistic healing modalities to do this. Doctors attest to how quickly I have learned to heal. I am more vital and alive now than I was before the accident.

My strength is in bridging the gaps between worlds. I have synthesized ancient yogic principles and functional aspects from other cultures. I translate those for easily digestible practical application for our Western lives. I am a transmitter of a range of healing frequencies, including sub-aural, transmitted by sound or intention.

My clients are very intelligent people from all walks of life who are looking for better results in every expression of living, including health and well being, relationships, work and business difficulties. I am very passionate about helping people heal the serious challenges of their lives.

From my perspective we are not problems to be fixed or solved. We are lives wanting to be lived. We have the intelligence to move beyond survival. It’s our birthright to thrive on all levels of our being. I can help you develop skills to do this.